Holmenkollen is awarded to ArenaProjekt

ArenaProjekt from Sweden continues its Norwegian success. Now they can add renowned Holmenkollen to their list of projects as well.

ArenaProjekt’s CEO Sven-Åke Wikers confirms the assignment:
”I was approached by Concreto to participate in their team and we won this together, in competition with the major consultants. So, it’s great fun.”

Holmenkollen, owned by the City of Oslo, has during recent years become more complicated to operate due to continuous expansions and more technology.

”It is not a matter of drafting new ideas or reconstruction. We will analyse existing operational concepts and use this to present an improvement proposal. The owner puts efforts on that the operating concepts will secure immaterial values tied to the facility as an internationally known and attractive ski resort, as well as Norway’s most visited tourist attraction”, Sven-Åke Wikers says.

The Norwegian-Swedish cooperation project starts directly and final delivery to the City of Oslo is scheduled for March 2014.

Facts about Holmenkollen:
Holmenkollen is a Norwegian ski resort owned by the City of Oslo. Holmenkollen’s ski jump is among the most visited tourist attractions in Norway, with 1 million visitors every year. The first competition was held there in 1892.

About ArenaProjekt:
ArenaProjekt, formed in 2004, are specialists in sports architecture and in conceptually developing arenas. The business is led by Sven-Åke Wikers. ArenaProjekt has been involved in more than 50 Swedish and international projects.