Swedish success in Norwegian Olympic bid

Oslo is working hard on winning the 2022 Winter Olympics. As part of the initiative LINK ARKITEKTUR from Norway and ArenaProjekt from Sweden have been chosen for the development of the ice sport arenas.

Sven-Åke Wikers, CEO of ArenaProjekt, confirms the cooperation:

– We have already started work. The first task is to inspect existing venues to find out what is good enough for the Olympics and what needs to be rebuilt or built from scratch.

The requirements for a successful Olympic bid are tough. Not least from a sustainability perspective.

– It is not just a matter of presenting a climate-friendly proposal, but also of finding solutions that ensure that the stadiums have a long life after the games are over. This is where ArenaProjekt can play a significant role, says Sven-Åke Wikers.

The mission is being performed jointly with the Norwegian architects LINK ARKITEKTUR and for Sven-Åke Wikers the task is more than just a job:

– For the first time we have something to work on for an Olympic bid, he says with a smile.

Fact about Olympic ice sports: 
The Olympic ice sports include ice hockey, figure skating, short track, speed skating and curling.